6 – Testimonials


Trenton Sukovieff (Canada)


Although I am still new to IPSC, I have taken this sport very seriously from day one. I have already trained and competed in a wide variety of climates and conditions, from snow covered mountains to deserts, to humid and hot jungles, to forests, to windy prairies and the list goes on! I want to make sure I have the right under and outer wear for any conditions I face and that is why I choose to wear high quality products from TDS Wear.

Saulius Ivashkevichius (Russia)


Practical Shooting for me is the lady of my heart, in which I fall in love in a new way every day. Therefore I demand the very best from my gear, and besides the obvious, firearms and gear, clothing plays a very important part. TDS Wear provides everything I need for my day-in day-out training, classes and competitions.

Shoot Supply (Belgium)


As an IPSC competition web-shop we are constantly looking for products which are specialized for the sport. We find that TDS Wear offers a variety of products with excellent quality, geared towards dynamic shooting. It has been a great experience working with Lilia from TDS Wear. She and her team provides an outstanding service and great products!

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